Australia’s unique café culture began when it was brought from Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Since then, an “authentic Italian espresso culture” has developed in Australia, and many cafés are attracting attention internationally.  

According to Payscale’s research, a barista worker can make up to AU$53,000 in Australia, and as coffee and cafés are a big part of Australian life, there is a consistent demand for baristas in Australia.  This is why many international students have been taking this course for their future career.  

Why study a Barista course in Australia?

  1. Course price and combined programs

Compared to other vocational courses, the Barista course is reasonably priced and it is often combined with another skill course or class such as Barista course + General English or Barista course + Hospitality English course. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to obtain several skills on a limited budget.  

  1. No specific background needed 

As this course does not set any Academic requirements (unlike some courses which have a certain Qualification requirement), any student who would like to learn Barista skills can take this course.  

  1. Flexible Intake and short study duration

Even though most vocational qualifications have specific, limited intake dates, this course has several intakes per year. Plus, this is a short-term skill course. This means more flexibly for applicants to organise their study plan in Australia.   

  1. Future Job Opportunities

Due to the popularity of coffee in Australia, there are many job opportunities for baristas after graduating from this course. This is especially good for international students because this occupation does not require any academic prerequisites. All you need are the barista skills, and you can have several job opportunities at cafés, restaurants, and any other hospitality business.  

  1. Worldwide Professional Skills

The demand for coffee is not only growing in Australia but it is also in high demand all over the world. This means that your barista qualifications will be recognised and applicable globally.

Career outcomes after graduation

  • Food and Beverage Attendant 
  • Waiter 
  • Cafe Attendant 
  • Barista 
  • Café Manager 

Course Options

  • Introduction to Barista Skill Set 
  • Professional Barista 
  • Barista and Café English 

Entry Requirements

Some institutes require an IELTS score whereas some can allow students to take a placement test to meet the English Entry Requirement.  

What courses might you study for your Barista course in Australia?

  • The espresso machine guide 
  • Coffee roasting 
  • Preparing the work area 
  • Extracting the espresso 
  • Customer service 
  • Workplace hygiene 
  • Growing and harvesting 
  • Café idioms & slang 
  • Different brewing methods 

Expected salary as a barista in Australia

The medium base annual salary for a Barista is AU$50,700  

The medium base annual salary for a Café manager is AU$60,000  

(Statistics from PayScale Australia and  

School Recommendations

Queensland Academy of Technology  

Impact English College in Melbourne  


(More courses will be available from next year) 

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