What is EAP?

EAP or English for Academic Purposes is an English language program that prepares international students to study at colleges or universities in Australia by teaching them the academic English style and the skills necessary to succeed in higher education. EAP programs provide language instruction for non-native English speakers who intend to earn associate VET or higher degrees in Australia. The EAP course structure will focus on writing, reading and listening, oral presentation skills, research skills, web literacy and referencing. There will be an emphasis on the development of critical literacy and critical thinking throughout the course.

By completing the EAP course, students will gain an increased understanding of using English to communicate in academic contexts at the Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Why study the EAP course in Australia ?

1. Long-term learning

Unlike the IELTS course, which teaches students to pass and aim for the test score, EAP tends to teach English skills to use in the real world. As a result, students who complete the EAP course will be able to use their skills and knowledge not only to study in Australian universities but also in professional contexts.


2. Improve and develop academic English skills

The language used in colleges and universities is very different from general English. EAP teaches you the vocabulary, grammar, skills and style of English that you’ll need to succeed in an Australian university. In fact, EAP is considered as a university simulation or pre-university, so international students can be familiar with university-type tasks including writing reports, giving presentations, participating in group assignments etc.


3. Work part-time while you study

In Australia, students can legally work for 20 hours per week on a Student Visa. This will help them earn some extra money to help with living expenses, and to finance their social life. During their free time, Australia has many famous tourist attractions to visit, and lots of bars and restaurants to enjoy.


4. Meet new people and network

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world. This has brought many students from different nationalities to study in Australia. Studying in Australia will be a great opportunity for international students to make local and international friends with whom they can practice their English.

Course Description

  • 20 hours in-class and 5 hours of Self-study/Project work/Assessment tasks
  • 10-12-week duration depending on each institute
  • Daily Academic lessons based on Academic Language and Academic Skills with a focus on Task production
  • Pathway into selected Australian universities and colleges

Entry Requirements

  • Intermediate English language level or above
  • Student, Working Holiday or Visitor Visa
  • Verifiable results of IELTS or a Placement Test from each institute
  • Age: 16 and over

Entry and Exit Points*

Entry level IELTS 4.5 or equivalent IELTS 5.0 or equivalent IELTS 5.5 or equivalent IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
Exit level IELTS 5.0 equivalent IELTS 5.5 equivalent IELTS 6.0 equivalent IELTS 6.5 equivalent
PATHWAY to Diploma Certificate IV Bachelor’s degree Master’s degree


*This table should be used as a guide only. Each school has different course ranks and names for the EAP course.


Tuition Fee: AU$300-450 per week depending on each institute (Please contact SOL Edu agents for more information)

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