The General English course is the most popular among international students who want to learn English. It takes the student from the most basic to the most advanced levels, always focused on applying grammar to the four main skills of all languages: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

Who can take it? EVERYBODY. This course is for people who want to improve their level of English and have a better professional and personal profile. General English offers students a unique experience in Australia. It is not only focused on studying, but also on extracurricular activities. Thus, students have the opportunity to speak in English, interact with other students from all over the world and make the process of learning English something more fun and exciting.

How do General English courses work in Australia?

  • This course is usually divided into several levels from the most basic to the most advanced. It is progressive learning, and it will depend on your skills and effort whether you can move from one level to another. The average time at each level is 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Classes are usually from Monday to Friday from 4 to 6 hours a day. This gives you time to do other activities, such as work if your visa allows it.
  • You can study during the day or at night. For those who wish to work while studying, this course is highly recommended.

Why study English in Australia?

1.Great Quality Teaching

Not only is Australia an English-speaking country, its higher education system is ranked as  one of the best, even above Germany, France, Norway, and Japan. According to the Department of Education Survey of International Students, there is almost a 90% satisfaction rate for their life and study experience in Australia.

Australia is one of the world leaders in ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) and in the ESL education sectors. One of the incredibly positive aspects of the ESL sector is that it is tightly regulated by the government to help institutions to maintain strict standards.


2. Multiple benefits for international students

The Australian Government has invested over $300 million in scholarships for international students. Furthermore, quality education, easy access to student support services, a multicultural society and a great lifestyle make Australia an attractive destination for studying abroad. Student life in Australia is also highly active and various academic institutions and courses provide activities to integrate students and maximise their experience. Moreover, international students can work in Australia for 40 hours per fortnight. This means they can apply to a wide variety of industries and can even get a job related to the field they are studying or do part-time work.


3.Quality of life

In general, the quality of life is high, and the pace is relaxed. Most Australians work from 9 am to 5 pm which gives them time to see friends and family after work. The average Australian also likes spending weekends with friends on the beach, in the park and barbecuing. Australia’s natural landscape is breathtaking, allowing citizens and residents to visit natural parks and reserves.


4.Cultural Diversity

An important part of the journey to learn English abroad is to meet and collaborate with many people from different cultures. Australia is a multicultural country, and its cultural diversity is at the heart of its identity. In 2013, migration abroad accounted for 60% of Australia’s population growth and made a significant contribution to the economy. Australia is also one of the countries with the lowest rates of racism, as 84% ​​of the population believes that multiculturalism is beneficial to Australia.

Course Options

  • General English
  • English for secondary school preparation
  • English for special purposes (English for Business, for example)
  • English for Academic Purposes (for students who want to attend Australian universities)
  • IELTS test preparation
  • Cambridge test preparation
  • study tour programs, which include other extracurricular activities

Entry Requirements

Students coming to Australia on a student visa to study ELICOS must study full time.

Admission requirements vary depending on the level of English course you want to study.

School Recommendations

There are many institutes around Australia that offer different English programs and different experiences to each student. Below are some of the English schools located in different cities of Australia:




Gold Coast

IH, Imagine, TAFE QLD



IH, ILSC, Greenwich



IH, ILSC, Greenwich





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