The Cambridge Exam is an English exam created by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom in 1858 to determine whether non-native English speakers understand English and have the ability to use it in real life.  

It is conducted in more than 150 countries around the world, and is considered as the most reliable English test in the world because the exams are researched and created by the world’s leading experts. 

As the Cambridge Exam is used by international students to enter colleges and universities in Australia, it is a very popular and common course for international students to take.  

Why study the Cambridge course in Australia?

  1.  Worldwide Qualification  

The Cambridge Exam is globally acknowledged, and is highly valued by employers in many countries, especially English-speaking countries and Europe. This course if very useful for improving your English skills and for finding work in the future.  

  1. No specific background needed

As this course does not set academic requirements, any student can take this course. However, please note that some colleges may require students to prove their level of English in order to enter the program. 

  1. English Pathway

Vocational courses at college or higher education often have English entry requirements. The Cambridge exam is one of the main language examinations that can be used for this purpose. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to take this course for self-improvement and preparation for future study.   

  1. No Expiry date

Unlike the TOEIC and IELTS, there is no expiration date for Cambridge qualifications. Thus, once you pass the Cambridge exam, you will be permanently qualified to prove your English proficiency. As this qualification is useful during job hunting and overseas employment, more and more international students have been taking the Cambridge Examination. 

  1. Cambridge English for Australian visas and immigration purposes

The Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) accepts C1 Advanced (formerly known as Certificate in Advanced English [CAE]) scores for student visa applications and many other visa programs. Therefore, the student only needs to take this one exam to use to get a visa, and to apply for university because most Australian universities and TAFE (Training and Further Education) institutions accept C1 Advanced for admissions purposes. 

Career outcomes after graduation

Cambridge Exam Qualification  

Course Options

  • Cambridge B1 Preliminary Course  
  • Cambridge B2 First Preparation Course  
  • Cambridge B2 First Preparation Course 
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced Examination (CAE) Preparation  
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced Preparation Course  
  • Cambridge C2 Proficiency Preparation Course 

Entry Requirement

Some institutes require an IELTS score whereas some require students to take a placement test 

School Recommendations

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