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What is Cambridge Course

Cambridge Course is recognised internationally. Many international companies are now checking at the level of English by Cambridge results as well.

Course description
  • Cambridge English test is popular among more than 150 countries where English is the second language.
Commencement Date

Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep

Course Duration

10 ~12 weeks

Exam Area

Listening / Reading / Speaking / Writing

Study in Australia
  • Safe destination to live, study, and work
  • English is the national language
  • High quality national standards for English language training
  • Modern Education System
We Study
  • English

One big thing about the Cambridge test is that the certificate never expires for your entire life. IELTS expires in 2 years as proof of English skills. In Asian countries like Korea and Japan, some companies want to check English levels by the applicant’s latest TOEIC score. So it would be really good to get this Cambridge test as the proof of your English skills.

Why you must study Cambridge
  • Exam certificate is recognised all over the world
  • Class sizes are small and there is a good mix of nationalities among classmates.
  • Global companies accept Cambridge certificate results
  • High-quality teachers always teach Cambridge classes
  • Other students in the class have high English skills
  • Universities and colleges accept Cambridge results for English entry requirements
  • Can be used for immigration to some countries
Who need to study
  • Anyone who wants to work all over the world in the future
  • Students who need a certificate to prove a level of English skill
  • Students who would like to improve daily communication skills
The English level you need to have to apply for this course

For students who want to pass FCE Cambridge exam, you need to be at least Upper-intermediate level of English. If you want to know which level you are right now, please ask our office staff.  We will organize an English level check for you.

















Apply This Course Free Online Counselling