Australia is the popular destination for international students around the world. Australia is the country that can help you boost your career prospects. Many universities in Australia are ranked in the world class and have an outstanding education programs. Moreover, after complete your course, you will have an opportunities to make a decision to stay with the graduate visa or return home.

Undergraduate Degree in Australia

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Study Bachelor’s degree in Australia involve a minimum of three years of full-time study (or shorter).
  • Language level: depends on your course but you need to have IELTS score.
  • This course allow students to apply visa after graduated up to 3 years depends on your institution location.


Average tuition costs

The average cost of a bachelor degree for international students are over $30,000 per year depends on your institution and the number of units you take.

Postgraduate Degrees in Australia

Postgraduate courses are offered by both universities and private colleges. Duration of the study is 1.5 – 2 years.To study in higher education course in Australia require different entrance requirement depends on courses and universities. There are 3 main types of postgraduate qualifications offered by Australia Universities.

  • Graduate certificate/diploma
  • Master’s by Coursework/Research
  • Doctoral degree

Average tuition costs for international students

Over $37,000 per year

How can we help you

  • Book the consultation with our professional education counsellor.

  • Applying courses and enrolment process

  • Preparing all paperwork and submitting visa application.

  • After service including bank account, accommodation and Tax file number

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