The world is becoming increasingly digital, leading to a growing demand for IT professionals. In Australia alone, there is a need for a whopping 650,000 additional IT experts each year to meet the job market demand. Despite this, only a small number of around 7,000 students graduate with IT qualifications each year, making IT a highly sought-after occupation both in Australia and globally.  

Another good news is that IT-related occupations have been on the long-term skilled list for years, creating endless opportunities for international students to pursue their dreams, build their careers and migrate to Australia. So if you’re interested in IT related career, and are looking to thrive in a high-demand and exciting industry, Australia is a right place for you to study and work after graduation.  

Why study IT courses at Kaplan Business School (KBS)?

Various campuses across Australia  

Kaplan Business School (KBS) offers IT courses across various campuses in major cities across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and also online. This allows you to choose a location that suits you best. 

Active training methods  

At KBS, you will be provided with active training methods that differ from traditional learning methods. KBS’s focus is on connecting students with hands-on and real work experiences. You won’t have to rely on heavy lecture-based delivery or participate in exams with a lot of theoretical knowledge that you need to remember. 

Instead, you will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills by attending interactive workshops and engaging multimedia resources. You will be assessed by practical job-related assignments, which will help you experience what real work tasks look like. This means studying IT at KBS will prepare you for success in the industry and give you a competitive edge in your future career. 

National and international reputation  

Kaplan Business School (KBS) has earned a national and international reputation for providing high-quality education and nurturing support to its students. In fact, according to the QILT 2021 Student Experience Survey National Report, postgraduate students have rated KBS’s teachers, student support services, and overall educational experience higher than every public university in Australia. 

World – leading career support  

One of the key reasons for KBS’s success is its world-leading career services and support for its students. KBS has strong connections with companies and professional networks, with relationships and partnerships with over 2,600 corporations and businesses. KBS, therefore, can provide its students with real work internship programs and job opportunities/information from the wide partnership network.  

KBS’s dedication to providing outstanding career support has been recognised by industry experts, as demonstrated by its win as a finalist for the Employability International Impact Award at the 2020 PIEoneer Awards. 

What IT courses are available at KBS?

KBS offers a wide range of IT courses at all levels, including diploma, bachelor, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master, and master (extension) programs. Our comprehensive range of IT courses means that you can choose the program that best fits your career goals and interests, whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your career. 

Diploma of Information Technology  

The Diploma of Information Technology at KBS is ideal for students who want to gain a general understanding of various technological and programming concepts and tools. This program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to use software effectively in the context of technological issues that arise in contemporary businesses, as well as guide you how to communicate solutions and outcomes to diverse stakeholders clearly and effectively. 

With a duration of only one year, the Diploma of Information Technology provides a quick path to numerous job opportunities in the IT industry, such as IT Support Operator, Computer Service Technician, IT Trainer, or Helpdesk Assistant. You can also use the credit entry you earn from completing this program to apply for the second year of the Bachelor of Information Technology, either at KBS or another Australian university, to further your studies in this field. 

Bachelor of Information Technology  

The Bachelor of Information Technology is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of information technology in both technical and business management areas. Through this program, you will develop the skills to create applications, frameworks, products, and services in growing areas such as analytics and cyber security. You will also learn how to solve business problems by applying a range of technological and programming concepts and tools, and effectively communicate these solutions to diverse stakeholders. Additionally, the program will teach you how to safeguard data and information, create and manage databases, and ensure the ethical handling of business information. 

  • Course Structure: To complete the program, you will need to take 24 subjects, including 10 core subjects, 7 IT electives, and 7 IT or Business Electives. The study structure is highly flexible, allowing you to extend your knowledge and skills not only in IT but also in the business field. 
  • Career Outcomes: After completing the three-year program, you will be qualified to work independently as a Network Analyst, Web Designer, Cyber Intelligence Specialist, or Programmer. 

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology  

The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology is designed for students who wish to specialise in IT and acquire foundational IT skills, as well as knowledge in advanced computing subjects such as programming, database design and management. The course will equip you with the ability to apply technology-based solutions across various industries including IT, communications, management, and business.  

  • Course Structure: You can complete this course in 8 months and you are required to take 4 core subjects relating to IT field.  
  • Career Outcomes: After having graduated, you can join the market as an IT Coordinator, Desktop Support Specialist, Helpdesk Operator and Technical Operations Officer.  

Graduate Diploma of Information Technology  

The Graduate Diploma of Information Technology is designed for students seeking to enhance their foundational IT skills and gain advanced knowledge in computing subjects, such as programming and cyber security. This program will equip you with the skills to use project management and logical thinking related to IT, to develop and implement business solutions across a range of industries including IT, communications, management and business. Additionally, you will be taught how to evaluate ethical, privacy and information security issues related to technology.  

  • Course Structure: The program consists of 8 core subjects, which can be completed in one year.  
  • Career Outcomes: Graduates of this program may pursue careers as Computer Network Engineers, Computer Systems Engineers, IT Support Engineers or IT Test Engineers. 

Master of Information Technology  

The Master of Information Technology program is designed for students who aspire to become proficient in technical skills and excel in a high-growth industry. The program will equip you with a broad range of technological and programming concepts, tools, and skills necessary to implement IT-related business solutions to industry problems. You will develop expertise in communicating complex technological problems, solutions, and outcomes to a diverse set of stakeholders. You will also gain knowledge of data and information privacy, database management, and ethical handling of business information. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the skills necessary to construct, manage, and operate diverse expert teams to oversee technological initiatives. 

In addition, KBS will offer four specialisations to choose from if you prefer to focus on a particular field in information technology.  

  • The course structure includes 12 subjects, of which nine are core subjects, and three are IT electives. The program duration is one year and eight months. 
  • Career outcomes: Upon completion of this program, you will be well-positioned to pursue career opportunities such as systems analyst, web administrator, blockchain developer, or software engineer. 

Master of Information Technology (Extension)  

The Master of Information Technology (Extension) program is ideal for students who wish to explore business opportunities by applying a variety of technological and programming concepts and tools. You will learn how to formulate, advise, and implement business solutions using technology-based approaches and effectively communicate complex solutions and outcomes to diverse stakeholders. Additionally, you will acquire the skills to create collaborative technological strategies based on current real-world case studies. 

The program will also equip you with a technical mindset to evaluate ethical, privacy, and information security issues regarding technology. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the ability to construct, manage, and operate diverse expert teams to oversee technological initiatives. 

  • The course structure comprises 15 subjects, including nine core subjects, four IT electives, and two MBA electives. The course is, therefore, suitable for those who wish to expertise both IT and business management skills.   
  • Career outcomes: Upon completion of this program, you will be well-equipped to pursue career opportunities such as data engineer, multimedia specialist, security architect, or software developer. 

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