If you are an international student (or planning on becoming one), there is a good chance that you have asked yourself this daunting question – IELTS or PTE? To help you out, here are some questions you should be asking yourself and some points you would have to consider before coming to a decision.

Which is easier to cram for?

If you are planning on cramming, give yourself a favour, do not take any of the tests. Not sure where it came about but there is a notion that PTE is easier that IELTS. Sorry to burst your bubble but both are internationally standardised English test for a reason – to assess your English skill.

However, there are free and available online reviewers and practice modules for both tests which you can always check out and work on.

Remember, it is always a lot better to be prepared.

Which is cheaper?

In Australia, both tests cost 330 AUD.

Which gives out result quicker?

This point goes to PTE. If you are in a rush and needed your result the soonest, PTE results are usually out within 5 working days after the test date while IELTS results are available anytime within two weeks.

Which has easier method to answer?

If you are comfortable answering with a pen and paper, go for IELTS. If you find computers easier to manage, then you have to go with PTE. Older people find it easier to answer paper-based tests while younger generation opts for the computer-based one.

Another critical point to consider is the method for the speaking module. For IELTS, it is like an interview since you speak face-to-face with one of their examiners. While for PTE, you will find yourself wearing headphones and speaking to a computer. So, if you get easily intimidated about speaking with someone, PTE is your man. However, you should also be considering your accent. IELTS examiners are professionals who are accustomed with all the strangest accents. So they might ‘understand’ you more. Just saying.

Therefore, IELTS and PTE are different in some ways but both has the same purpose and that is to evaluate your English skill. Whichever you choose to go with, always remember that ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’ Best of luck!

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