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Job Title
  • Mining Engineer
  • Mine Planner
  • Mine Designer
  • Mine Consultant
  • Operation Manager
  • Technical Specialist
  • Mine Investment Analyst
  • Mine Advisor
  • Mine Researcher
  • Mine Manager
  • Semester 1 (February)
  • Semester 2 (July)
English Entry Requirement
  • IELTS 6.0 ~ 6.5
  • TOEFL Internet based 90 with 20 in each band
Academic Entry Requirement
  • Bachelor degree : High school graduate or Foundation or Diploma
  • Master degree : Bachelor degree
Subject List
  • Earth Processes & Geological Materials for Engineers
  • Calculus & Linear Algebra
  • Multivariate Calculus & Ordinal Differential Equations
  • Introduction to Mining
  • Structural Mechanics for Mining

Diploma of Engineering at a private college or TAFE for 1~1.5 years and enter the 2nd year of University

Apply to Mining Engineering Free Online Counselling

Study Option
Bachelor: 4 Years
Foundation (1 Year) + Bachelor (4 Years) : 5 Years
Master: 2 Years
Work Visa / Migration Option

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Bachelor (Undergraduate) School List

VIC Monash University, Federation University Australia
SA University of Adelaide
NT Charles Darwin University


Master (Postgraduate) School List

VIC Federation University
NSW UNSW, University of Wollongong
SA University of Adelaide
WA UWA, Curtin University

Recent Job Growth
5 Years Growth in Mining Engineer

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