How Did I Make My Decision of Choosing School? International Student Connie’s Experience

Hello, my name is Connie and I’m currently studying in one of the universities in Brisbane. I’m in my second year of study now and I’m happy to share my experience with you.


The whole process of studying abroad involves a series of decision-making like whether to study overseas or not? Where to study? And which school is the best choice? For me, making up my mind to study in a foreign country wasn’t that hard. It has been in my dream list since I was a kid. However, I encountered the same problem as many other students, and maybe the most important problem. What school should I choose? What course is right for me?


Just like any other aspiring student, I searched online, read lots of articles, and explored school websites, trying to find the answer. I had a list of school candidates that I was interested in, but I still couldn’t decide. I knew, deep in my heart, the decision I make would impact my future and I was afraid I would choose the wrong one. I was hoping to get some more reliable information, maybe some real stories about schools. This was the reason why when I heard about the Study Fair event from SOL, I didn’t hesitate at all to sign up immediately.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much about it at first. But guess what? I was truly happy with my decision to join the event. I met all the school representatives on my list of school candidates, and I asked every question I had on my mind. I discussed specific courses with the representatives and gained a lot of insights that I was unable to get online. Joining the Study Fair event saved me time and resources because I got to meet all the schools in one day at one place. It also helped me clarify many doubts in my mind. The information I got was not restricted to courses. I grabbed the opportunity to ask about scholarship, school culture, student support, etc. After the Study Fair, I finally made my decision and applied for the school I wanted successfully.


If you are on your journey of finding the best school or if you are like me who has doubts about schools, I would highly recommend you to join any activity that allows you to meet the school representatives and to talk to them in person. But remember, do your research and write down all the questions you have before going to the event so that you can take fully advantage of the opportunity.


Note from SOL: The next Study Fair event will be held on 16th of October. Don’t miss the opportunity and see the info page here.


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