Commercial Cookery and Patisserie courses combine with the culinary arts to prepare students to become business owners or to work in the hospitality industry. Commercial Cookery and Patisserie courses include the development of service skills in both the kitchen and front of house. After graduating, you can work in different hospitality roles such as a Chef, Cook, Pastry Chef, Sous Chef, Head Chef and Chef de Partie. 

Why study Cookery and Patisserie in Australia?

  1. Work and study at the same time

During your academic studies you can legally work part-time for 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks).  

  1. No specific background needed.

You can study Commercial Cookery and Patisserie courses with limited or zero background in the field. You will be taught the very basic skills in culinary. 

  1. Multiple start dates 

Most schools provide many intakes in a year, so you can start your education journey when it is most suitable to your circumstances.  

  1. Stay in Australia longer

By studying 2 years or more in Commercial Cookery and Patisseries, students might be eligible for the Post Study Working Visa (duration: 1.5 years/18 months). Graduates can utilise these visa opportunities to get more work experience and prepare for their future migration options. 

  1. Hands-on learning

At least 360 work placement hours are included in the curriculum, so you can get hands-on work experience to explore food culture in Australia. 

Career outcomes after graduation

  • Executive Chef 
  • Chef de Cuisine 
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef de Partie 
  • Commis Chef 
  • Cook 
  • Pastry Chef 
  • Pastry Cook
  • Kitchen Porter 

Course Options

Entry Requirements

  • Certificate III and Certificate IV: Year 10 or equivalent 
  • Diploma: year 12 or equivalent 
  • IELTS overall score of 5.5 with no-sub score less than 5.0. An English pathway program is an option for those who can’t get the English score required. 
  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery 
  • Certificate III in Patisserie
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery 
  • Certificate IV in Patisserie 
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management 
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management 

Skills Assessment or a professional license in the chef field

To become a qualified chef, you will need to pass a full Skill Assessment via Trade Recognition Australia (TRA). There are 4 steps to pass the skill assessment: 

Step 1 – Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) 

You must: 

  • have a qualification directly related to your nominated occupation that was awarded by the  Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) as a result of studies in Australia 
  • have completed a minimum of 360 hours of employment and/or a vocational placement. The employment/vocational placement must have been: 
  • directly related to your qualification and occupation 
  • in an Australian workplace 
  • completed within the three years immediately prior to submitting your JRP application 

Step 2 – Job Ready Employment (JRE) 

You must: 

  • complete at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 months from your JRE start date 
  • find suitable employment that is approved by Trades Recognition Australia 
  • have completed a Skills Progress Report (self-assessment record of the skills and activities you have undertaken in your workplace as you develop your skills in your occupation) six months after your JRE start date or when you are deemed eligible for Step 3 (see below for details) 

Step 3 – Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) 

You must:  

  • provide evidence of paid employment in your occupation for at least 863 hours over a minimum of 6 months from your JRE start date 
  • provide an acceptable Skills Progress Report (SPR), Employment Verification Report (EVR) and any other required evidence confirming you are performing the expected tasks and duties to a suitable standard for your occupation. 
  • have your employer sign your EVR and confirm they agree to the assessment being conducted at your workplace 

Step 4 – Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) 

You must: 

  • have a successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) outcome 
  • have completed the employment requirements of Job Ready Employment (JRE) by providing evidence of paid employment in your occupation of at least 1725 hours over a minimum of 12 months from your JRE start date

Expected salary as a chef and pastry chef in Australia

The medium base annual salary for a chef is AU$60,354. 

The medium base annual salary for a pastry chef is AU$58,534. 

(Statistics from 

School Recommendations

Commercial Cookery 

  • Queensland Academy of Australia (QAT) 
  • TAFE Queensland 
  • Le Cordon Bleu 
  • National Institute of Education and Technology (NIET) 
  • Imagine Education Australia 
  • Canterbury Technical Institute 
  • William Angliss Institute 
  • Mastery Institute Australia (MIA) 
  • Gamma Education and Training 


  • TAFE Queensland 
  • Le Cordon Bleu 
  • Gamma Education and Training 
  • Academia

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