Australian citizenship allows people to live, study and work freely in any region of Australia. Being an Australian citizen, you get the right to vote for Australian Government elections. Australia becomes your permanent home once you get citizenship in Australia. 

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Who can apply for citizenship?

If you are a permanent resident you can apply for Australian citizenship after having lived in Australia for four years in total while holding any kind of visa, and after having lived in Australia for 12 months as a permanent resident. 

Other requirements include: 

  • Be in Australia when the decision on the citizenship application is made 
  • Have good knowledge about Australia 
  • Have the intention of living in Australia or willing to maintain a lasting link with Australia while being overseas 

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When to apply for citizenship after permanent residence (PR)?

You can apply if you meet the age criteria and have fulfilled the criteria regarding being a permanent resident of Australia.  

The requirements are: 

  • You should have stayed in the country legally for four years and been a permanent resident for 12 months.  
  • You should have stayed for at least nine out of the last twelve months until the application date. 
  • You should demonstrate good character while showing sufficient knowledge of your rights, privileges and responsibilities as an Australian citizen, this can be proved through citizenship test. 

There is some flexibility in the periods of living in Australia. You can be cumulatively outside Australia for up to only 12 months in the 4-year period and can be outside Australia for up to 90 days in the 12-month period before applying. 

A discussion with our migration agent is always a good idea before you start your application. 

What are the steps in the process of applying for an Australian citizenship?

Step 1: Ensure your eligibility 

Make sure that all the eligibility requirements are met before going ahead with the next step. 

Step 2: Keep your documents ready for submission 

The documents required to apply for citizenship include: 

  • original police certificates 
  • ID proof 
  • Character requirements proof 
  • Residency requirements proof 
  • Scanned copies of original documents in case you are lodging an application online 

Please attach all documents requested further for lodging your application 

Step 3: Apply for citizenship 

An application can be lodged from within Australia or from overseas. Complete the application form online correctly and factually and submit the required documents. 

Step 4: Attend the interview 

Most individuals aged between 18 and 59 years are called in for an interview as well as a citizenship test. An appointment is fixed for the same and informed to the candidates. 

Step 5: Await the decision on the application 

As you wait for the application result, you may be asked to submit additional documents. Also, if there are any changes in your circumstances, they must be updated to the Australian authorities. 

Step 6: Get the outcome 

Written notification of the result will be sent to you. 

Step 7: Take part in the citizenship ceremony 

Most approved applicants are invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. Here, they will have to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge. 

Important note: Check your email regularly after submitting your application. Processing times may vary to get your citizenship application approved. Let us help in the final step of achieving your ultimate Australian dream. 


How do I prepare for the citizenship test?

To prepare for the test you should: 

The Australian citizenship test is conducted in English only. However, you can read the Our Common Bond booklet in other languages to help you to prepare for the test. 

Questions in the Citizenship test are based on: 

  • Australia and its people 
  • Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties 
  • government and the law in Australia 
  • an understanding and commitment to Australian values based on freedom, respect and equality 

What is included in the test?

The computer-based test will comprise of 20 questions of multiple choice drawn randomly from a pool of 200 questions. The test will just be accessible in English. You will have 45 minutes to finish the test. 

Where would I be able to sit the Australian Citizenship test?

Citizenship tests are held at departmental offices and at some regional locations by officers of Services Australia. When you apply online, you will be invited to attend a citizenship appointment. You will be sent a letter with the date, place and time of your appointment. Appointment waiting times will vary between test centers. 

What to bring to the Citizenship interview?

Bring the original photo identity documents that you provided in your application. These may include: 

  • a driver’s license  
  • passport, or  
  • Immicard.

When will I be invited to the citizenship ceremony?

If you are required to attend a ceremony, we will send you an invitation letter about four weeks before the event. Wait times for citizenship ceremonies can vary. For the most up-to-date information see the immigration website for Citizenship processing times.