Have completed your courses and want to migrate to Australia? Our trusted registered migration agents will sort out multiple PR options for you.  

What is a PR?

PR means “permanent residency” visa that allows you to stay and work in Australia permanently. Once your PR is granted, you will have access to most of benefits of an Australia citizen, which includes but not limited to the followings: (1) a community health care program (Medicare), (2) social security benefits through Centrelink (e.g, family tax benefit, job seeker, job, childcare subsidy, etc.), (3) study in Australia with domestic tuition fees, (4) receiving the first homeowner grant when buying the first home, and (5) sponsoring your partner and relatives to migrate to Australia.  

What are steps to get a PR in Australia?

Step 1: Choose the right courses  

First and foremost, your occupation needs to lie on the Skilled list issued by the Australian Government. Hence, it is important to choose the right course with the right career outcomes. This is a reason why you should speak with our Education Counsellors from the beginning of your study journey, to know which courses are in high demand in Australia and which courses can lead you to the PR.  

Step 2: Apply for a 485 visa 

After having completed two years studying in Australia, you can obtain a graduation visa – subclass 485. If you have graduated from VET (Vocational Training) courses which are related to an occupation/s in Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled List (MLTSSL), you are eligible for Graduate Work Stream that allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months after the visa is granted. If you have completed at least 2 years of a Bachelor, Master or PhD program, you can apply for Post Study Work Stream that allows you to stay for 2 years (with Bachelor graduate), 3 years (with Master graduate) or up to 4 years (with PhD graduate) in Australia.  

To apply for a 485 visa, apart from two-year study in Australia, another key requirement you must meet is English capacity. You must obtain overall IELTS 6.0 (no band score under 5.0) or PTE 50 (no band score under 36). Provisional Skills Assessment is no longer required for Post Study Work Stream until the further notice from the Australian Government.    

While holding a 485 visa, you will have time to fulfill essential requirements and apply for other visas to stay further and/or permanently in Australia. Contact us to be assisted with a 485 visa.  

Step 3: Apply for a PR or a temporary visa that can lead to a PR  

There are two common pathways for international students to get a PR: (1) apply for a skilled visa or (2) apply for an employer sponsored visa.  

Skilled visas  

Skilled visas are points-tested visas for skilled foreign workers whose occupations are on the skilled occupation list. Skilled visas consist of three subclasses: 189, 190 and 491. 

  • 189 – Skilled Independent visa – allows you to live and work permanently in any state or territory in Australia. The minimum score that you are required to be considered for a visa invitation is 65, but you may need a higher score to increase your chance of getting the invitation.   
  • 190 – Skilled Nominated visa – is a permanent residency visa but you need a nomination from one of Australian states or territories to apply for this visa. Each state may have its own occupation list and additional requirements, so you must investigate if you meet all the state’s eligibility criteria before asking for a nomination.   
  • 491 – Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa is not permanent, but it can lead to a PR (visa 191). You must commit to stay and work in your nominating regional Australia for a minimal period of time (usually 3-5 years) and achieve at least 65 points to be apply for the PR. 

The diagram below shows the process to get a PR under the skilled visas scheme.  

Employer sponsored visas 

If you can find a sponsor who agree to nominate you to a position in his/her company, then you are eligible for Employer Sponsored Visas (186, 482 and 494 visas).  

  • 186 – Employer Nomination Scheme – is a PR. To be eligible for this visa, you must have at least 3 years of work experience in your nominated occupation, and you must have a positive skill assessment granted by an Australian authority. Before you can apply for an ENS visa, your employer must create an account on ImmiAccount and lodge a nomination application to the Department of Home Affairs. For more information about visa 186, please visit our website Employer Nomination Scheme 186 – SOL Migration. 
  • 482 – Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa – is not a PR yet but allows you to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years.  You can apply for a PR (visa 186 or 494) after your 482 visa ends. For more information, go to our website Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482 – SOL Migration. 
  • 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Provisional Visa – allows you to live and work in a regional area for 5 years. To apply for this visa, you must have at least 3 years of work experience in your nominated occupation, obtain an IELTS of 6.0, and work only for your sponsored employer. If eligible, you can apply for a PR after 3 years from the time your visa is granted.  

As getting a PR is very competitive, you can seek assistance from migration agents to reduce the risk of visa rejection or delay. However, bear in mind that only registered migration agents in Australia are allowed to help you prepare and lodge the application. At SOL Edu, our registered migration agents, who have experience lodging more than 5000 visa application over the past 5 years, are more than happy to help you. Contact us at [email protected] or +61 7 3003 1899.