Congratulations on successfully getting your CoE from your dream Australian University. 

Now, let us get you in to Australia so you can start living your dream.  

Getting a student visa on your own can be hard. So many rules, so many document proofs. Where to start? All this can be overwhelming. That’s what we are here for. Let us take the stress out of applying for the student visa. Right from preparing documents to lodging a successful application, we are here for you at every step.

Understanding the Student Visa (Subclass 500)

The student visa classified as subclass 500 visa will allow you to legally enter Australia for study. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 5 years. This visa, when granted may be accompanied by various restrictions. On this visa, normally you can work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during term time and unlimited hours during study breaks, IF no other work restriction applies. Confused already? Give us a call/email and let us guide you. Know all about the visa conditions before you apply. 

What can you do on a student visa?

  • participate in an eligible course of study. 
  • bring eligible family members to Australia with you. 
  • work for up to 40 hours per fortnight in any sector. However, students can work for unlimited hours during the school holiday.  

What are the conditions on a student visa?

Your Visa may be granted with certain conditions. You can only know your restrictions after you get your visa. We can help you draft your application, so you don’t get restrictions on your visa that does not apply to you. 

Some of the visa conditions can be: 

  • 8202 Meet Course Requirements 
  • 8501 Health Cover 
  • 8533 Inform Provider of Address 
  • 8105 Work Restriction   
  • 8204 Study limitations  
  • 8201 Maximum 3 months study 

and many more. 

Put your best step forward and be prepared with all the documents. Consult with our migration agents experienced in handling visas for all streams. Fill out the enquiry form or call us at +61 73003 1899 to schedule a free appointment.  

When do you start your application?

You should apply for your visa well in advance of your travel date. We recommend that you do not finalise your travel arrangements until you have a valid visa to travel to Australia.  

There is no limit to when you can submit your student visa application. It is recommended that you lodge a complete application at least six weeks before your course commences. Be prepared with the right documents to lodge a successful application. 

We can help you apply for the visa. We are available to help you lodge your application from anywhere in the world. Our Education counsellors are available to fit in with your busy schedule. We can make time so that you don’t have to take time off from your university or work to lodge your application. 

What do you need to gather even before you start your application?

Gather ALL your documents in digital format before applying online. If applying offline, gather copies of the documents required. If the documents are not in English, get them translated and notarised before applying.  We at SOL Edu can help you get your certified translations before you apply. 

Here is a checklist of the documents you may need to gather in digital format. 

  1. Your CoE. 
  2. You will also need OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover).  
  3. Your valid passport 
  4. Proof of Sufficient Funds – Provide bank statements (proof from parents or guardian), evidence of scholarships or grant, proof of approved education loan. This is to prove that you have enough money to cover all your costs and expenses through your course. 
  5. A Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) document. This is a requirement to show the Australian authorities that you intend to study in Australia for the duration of your studies. This document requires you to state proof of employment or a letter from your school in your home country or other similar documents to support your claim for temporary study only.  

We at SOL Edu have many years of experience in helping students create their unique GTE. A well written GTE shows that you have a clear intention to obtain student visa only for study purposes.

What other documents might you need?

Depending on the country of your origin and where you will study, you will need some additional documents as proof. Some of the common documents that you might need are: 

  • A birth certificate. 
  • Proof that you have sufficient and enough knowledge to pass the studies you intend to pursue. As proof, you can show English proficiency test results.  
  • You also need to provide proof of previous employment, such as contracts or work certificates. 
  • Documentation of criminal offences is also required if you have ever been convicted in a criminal case. 

These additional documents may not apply to everyone. You need to keep track of your online application and respond promptly to any additional requirements to reduce delays in visa processing. SOL Edu can help you in completing additional document requirements and help you speed up the process of getting your student visa. ALL DOCUMENTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED IN ENGLISH. We can reduce the time for translations with our excellent on-time translation services. 

What are the general steps involved in getting your visa?

Step 1: Apply for Uni and receive your CoE  

You MUST include a copy of the CoE in your visa application so that the Australian Government has proof that you are enrolled in your declared course. 

Step 2: Create an account with the Australian immigration authorities

Fill in the details online to set up your account. This account is where you submit all your documents, follow the process, receive updates and your final visa. You may receive messages on your account asking for additional documents to process the visa. Keeping track of the progress and answering any request are essential in getting your visa on time. 

Our migration agents can help you with this process. They can lodge on your behalf and help you track and respond to any additional requests made by the authorities. Your data is confidential to us, and we can help you understand anticipated additional requests. 

Step 3: Gather all relevant documents

Gather ALL your documents in digital format before applying online. It is important to have the documents ready so you can apply as soon as you get your CoE.  

Step 4: Complete the visa application online 

  • After logging into your immi account, you will be taken to your specific visa form. Fill in your nationality and your CoE code on your first page.  
  • After this, you will be asked to submit your personal details, family details and answer questions about your previous education and work experience.  
  • You also need to submit details regarding your health and criminal record. A character check is also required. 

Step 5: Pay the visa fee and get your TRN-number

When you have completed the application, you should pay the application fee. You can pay for your visa application in different ways depending on your country and how you apply. Your application is not valid until your payment is received and a TRN (Transaction Reference Number) is assigned to you. Make sure to save your TRN so you can check the status of your application. The easiest is to pay it with a credit card online.  

Step 6: Possible health checkup and interview.

Depending on where you are applying from, you may be asked to provide additional biometric information or undergo a health check.  

Depending on where you will study and where you currently live you might need to do a health checkup and/or a visa interview. A police check can also be requested. You will receive information about this when you complete the application. Wait until you get your TRN number, to get the health check done.  

Step 7: Get your visa decision.

Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport. You will not get a label in your passport. Keep the digital copy with you throughout your study period. This may also be needed in the future as proof for further visa applications.