Why should you apply through SOL Edu?

  • Fast and free application process 

To secure a study place in Australia, international students usually apply for two or more courses at Australian universities/colleges. However, lodging an application involves in many documents and steps. If there is any document or information missing, you need to send an enquiry and wait for reprocessing. 

Post Covid 19, the demand of study in Australia has been increasing rapidly. Many courses are full of capacity before the closing application date. If your application process is delayed, you probably need to wait for up to 6 months, until the next intake, to receive a study offer. Timing and providing sufficient, accurate documents/information are key factors securing your expected application outcomes.  

Want to avoid the study delay? SOL Edu provides you with free, fast and accurate admissions process. A letter of course offer issued by an Australian university can be sent to you within two-three weeks, and the offer from an Australian college can be issued faster, normally within two weeks. If you are in urgent situations, we will prioritise your application and, in many cases, you can receive the offer within one week 

  • One form – multiple applications 

If you apply for 3 universities/colleges yourself, you must prepare 3 applications with 3 different forms and documentation lists. However, if you apply through SOL Edu, the application process will be very simple. All you need to do is to fill out only one application form – which consists of 3 pages and your basic information – then our team will help you apply for multiple universities/colleges of your choice.  

  • Scholarship opportunities 

With more than 20 years of experience in education services, we understand the insights of the scholarship criteria and application process. We have helped thousands of international students – who previously had not thought of a scholarship – got a scholarship.  

SOL Edu will check if you are eligible for any available scholarships and financial supports and will help you apply for these scholarships – all for free.  

How to apply through SOL Edu?

Follow three easy steps below to apply for multiple universities/colleges in Australia 

  • Step 1: Fill out SOL EDU application form
  • Step 2: Send us the required documents 

The most common documents include scanned passport, academic transcript, and English certificate. Depending on your course and circumstance, further documents should be required. You don’t need to worry about what document must be submitted as our Education Counsellors will send you the full document checklist and help you prepare these documents to meet the Australian institution’s standards.  

  • Step 3: Relax and wait for the letter of offer from Australian institution/s.  

Our team will handle all the tasks for you – all for free. 

  • Step 4: Accept the offer 

If you are willing to enrol in the course offered by the Australian institution, you are expected to sign the provided acceptance form and we will help you send it through to the university/college.  

Contact SOL Edu today at [email protected] or fill out the enquiry form to get support from our team.