Why speak to our Education Counsellors?

  • Receive free consultations on your first language  

One of the most common misunderstandings is that international students must pay to receive education services. However, SOL Edu provides you with free consultations as many times as you want. Bring all your questions and unsure information to SOL Edu, we will give you the most reliable answers – all for free.  

Our Education Counsellors are fluent in both English and 9 other languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish and Hindi). We can serve you in either your first language or English, based on your preference.  

  • Save your time and efforts  

International students may need to spend hundreds of hours on the universities’/colleges’ websites and other channels (e.g., forum, Facebook, group chat) in order to (1) collect information of Australian universities/colleges, and (2) investigate whether you are eligible for the courses offered by these universities/colleges. This way not only costs you a lot of time and efforts, but it sometimes provides you with out-of-date and inaccurate information. There is another way, which is much simpler and more efficient to generate all information you need, is contacting SOL Edu. As our Education Counsellors update information of courses, skills assessments and PR pathways every week, they can give you the most updated and relevant information.  

  • Figure out what courses best suit you 

Each university/college and each course have different entry requirements, tuition fees and career outcomes. You may be confused on what course and what university/college you should apply for. SOL Edu can help figure out the best study options for you.  

All you need to provide us are (1) your expected career outcome, (2) your academic transcript, (3) your English certificate/level, (4) your financial condition information and (5) your future migration plan. Our Education Counsellors will rely on your wish and circumstances to find out what courses and universities/colleges best suit you.  

How to book free consultations?

  • There are many ways to book free consultations at SOL Edu. You can contact us by:  

    Our Education Counsellors will contact you within 24 hours at the latest.