Why Study in Brisbane? Noel’s Experience.

Studying abroad is not only a global phenomenon, but it also allows you to find your future career, improve your English skills, and expand your horizons. Due to its well-developed education systems, Australia is one of the most popular countries that international students choose to come over and continue their studies. After all, Australia has some of the best 50 Universities in the world. Apart from that, the country also has some beautiful landscapes including The Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, etc.

But why did I choose Brisbane? Studying in Brisbane was not my first choice in the beginning because of my friends studied in other states. I, however, changed my mind as I wanted to be more independent. So I decided to come alone to Brisbane and commence my three years of university life.

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most sought-after cities for study with its three major universities. The city has a highly sophisticated education infrastructure with a growing global reputation as a center of excellence in medical research and development, technology and innovation, and environmental sustainability. On top of that, it also has long days of sunshine and close proximity to superb beaches. It is also one of the greenest cities with a massive number of parks, and excellent public transport services which support for cyclists. I pretty much enjoy living here as it is not a fast-paced environment compared with my home country. It is less congested and more affordable.

Studying in Brisbane also helps me learn English quicker. As Australians, or Aussies love to shorten words, they have their own slangs, dialects, and accents of English as compared to the rest of the world. For example, they will call friend as “cobbas” and say hello as “G’Day”. It is really interesting and funny that there is no other English-speaking country with more abbreviations and slangs as the Aussies have. I am still learning and updating my vocabulary even though I have been living in Brisbane for more than three years.

Besides, the most notable thing about Brisbane is it is now the fastest-growing capital city for employment in Australia, with opportunities in industries like construction, engineering, education, and health. This means that students have better chances of landing a job after their studies. Furthermore, international students could also apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa which allow them to work in Australia for 12 months after graduated.

I am fortunate that my parents supported me to study in Australia when I finished my Diploma course in my home country. I am so glad that I made the right decision at that time so I can now find my dream job. I am currently working as a marketing intern and I am starting to build up my career in the business industry. Last but not the least, I hope everyone can achieve their success in the coming future.


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