There are new updates released regarding Student Visa and these are important points when an International Student is considering to apply and study in Australia:

?WHAT TO EXPECT: The Department of Home Affairs is currently concentrating on managing the peak lodgement period. Between now and April 2018, they expect a record number of student visa applications to be lodged.

?IMPORTANT REMINDER: Given the growth in the program, it is important that applicant must continue to submit complete applications at least six weeks before course commencement.

?IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS: The Department can decide on a student visa application with the information provided, there is no requirement to request more information. Student visa applicants subject to regular evidentiary requirements must attach evidence of financial capacity, including evidence of genuine access to those funds. Evidence of English proficiency or being exempt must also be attached. Failure to provide these documents may lead to a visa refusal.

?GENUINE TEMPORARY ENTRANT (GTE) STATEMENTS: You must provide sufficient information and ensure supporting documentation is attached to the application. The applicant should explain any gaps in study or employment and, where relevant, address the reasons the student is studying in a field unrelated to their previous study or employment. The applicant must explain how completing the study will help them fulfil their future plans. The statement must reflect the student’s circumstances, generic statements will not be weighed heavily in the GTE assessment.

?COST OF ANNUAL LIVING: From 1st February, 2018, every student visa application where evidence of funds is required should include the updated cost of living amounts in their calculation of funds:

☑️Student or guardian: AUD$20,290

☑️Partner or spouse: AUD$7,100

☑️Child: AUD$3,040

?YOUR DECLARATIONS: Every student lodging a student visa application must declare any visa refusals or cancellations from any country for themselves and their family members whether they are included in the application or not. Failing to do so may lead to a refusal of their student visa under PIC 4020.


▶️Source: Australian Government | Department of Home Affairs◀️

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