Jobs in Marketing have become more competitive recently as it is an indispensable position in all industries from small businesses to large multinational corporations. This is why more and more international students are pursuing this career. Additionally, customer behaviour, which influences the marketing trends, medial channels, and consumer consumption, has changed. Therefore, gaining marketing knowledge and skills is essential to being uptodate and qualified to work in this career.

What Are Related Key Marketing Majors That You Could Study?

  1. Marketing 

This major focuses mainly on studying Marketing from foundation to advanced skills. It is suitable for someone who would like to gain an overall understanding of marketing including planning, management, implementation, and the evaluation of marketing activities. 

It means that the learner will gain knowledge related to marketing strategy and planning of marketing campaigns for businesses. This program will lead you to becoming a qualified marketer or marketing specialist in the future.  

Career Outcomes  

  • Business Development Manager 
  • Marketing Communications Officer 
  • Marketing Researcher 
  • Product Manager 
  • Account Executive 
  • Organisational Communication Specialist 
  • Marketing Specialist 
  1. Marketing Communications

This is another major that has recently become more popular among international students and those who are looking for more specific marketing skills and knowledge. This major still covers the marketing area but focuses more on how to communicate with the consumers because it applies both creative and marketing knowledge and skills. It will help you to create customer reach, understanding, and recognition between the consumers and the business. Marketing Communication will also help the business to boost sales, customer loyalty and branding.  

Career Outcomes  

  • Marketing Coordinator 
  • Public Relations Manager 
  • Media Director 
  • Marketing Communication Specialist  
  1. Digital Marketing

Nowadays, Digital Marketing is a growing challenge. As a result, several universities are offering this major to help students to project future digital marketing trends and work in this area in alignment with current marketing trends. It is a major that is designed to teach digital marketing techniques, strategies, and digital channels. It will mainly focus on online marketing activities and channels only. The learner will understand how to apply technological tools and skills, and innovation in marketing.  

Career Outcomes  

  • Marketing Specialist 
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist 
  • Marketing Coordinator 
  • Campaign Manager 
  • Digital Analyst 
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Channel Manager 
  • Digital Marketing Manager 
  • Senior Marketing Manager 

Why study Marketing in Australia?

  1. No related background required

Most of universities in Australia offer a variety of study plans for international students: 

  • If you have graduated from a related course, you can get credit from your previous qualification and be able to complete the program within 1 to 1.5 years  
  • If you have no relevant studies in this field, you can still apply to the program by studying in a 2-year program that will cover core units in your first semester and specialised major units in the remaining semesters.  
  1. Work-Integrated Learning System

All universities in Australia use work-integrated learning which allows students to gain both knowledge inside the classroom and real work experience during their study. Some universities may include projects that invite local corporations to work with the students, or even provide internship programs as well. 

  1. Post-Study Work Visa 

International students who graduated from a minimum 2-year program in higher education in Australia, will be able to apply for a 2-year Post-study Work Visa (subclass 485) in order to gain overseas work experience after graduation. This will help students to create a better portfolio and earn work experience before returning back to their home country. 

Recommended Universities

Triple Crown Accreditation Universities 

Monash University  

University of Sydney 

Queensland University of Technology 


QS Top Universities in Marketing 2022  

Macquarie University 

Queensland University of Technology  

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