International Business is the exchange of goods and services between two or more parties from different countries. However, it is not just limited to trading. It involves project planning, decision making, market diversity, negotiations, importing and exporting, finance, and logistics. With so much involved, there are many positions available in the job market in many industries, as employers will need experts like you to boost sales and make organisations more competitive in our globalised world.

Based on PayScale’s research, an international business manager can make AU$79,000 on average. Moreover, according to the website,, there are more than 9,625 jobs available related to International Business in Australia alone. This figure does not include the other fields that International Business graduates can also work in.

Why study International Business in Australia?

  1. No specific background needed

If you are a high school graduate, you can either start with a Diploma and study your way into a Bachelor’s degree, or you can use your final high school examination results to apply for a Bachelor’s course. 

If you have completed any Bachelor’s degree, International Business Master’s degrees often require no related background in the field. Please ask us for more details. 

  1. Variety of subjects and real-world experiences

There is a variety of subjects to choose from. You can study every aspect of business from international business finance, tax strategy, marketing strategy, business alliances, risk management to managing global operations. Real-world projects provided by universities will also prepare graduates with required professional skills and experience, which will increase your employment capabilities in the future.  

  1. Multiple Start Dates

Australian universities will normally have 2 or 3 intakes each year which makes it more flexible for international students to commence their program based on their individual situation. 

  1. Post-Study Work Visa

By studying 2 years or more in a higher education International Business degree, students will be eligible for a minimum 2-year Post-study Work Visa. Graduates can use these visa opportunities to get more work experience in Australia. 

Careers outcomes after graduation

  • Business Analyst 
  • International Business Specialist 
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Diplomat 
  • International Trade and Customs Specialist 
  • International Supply Chain Manager 
  • Logistics Manager 
  • International Brand Manager

Course Options

  • Diploma in Business/International Business
  • Bachelor of Business/International Business
  • Graduate Certificate in Business/International Business
  • Graduate Diploma in Business/International Business
  • Master of Business/International Business

Entry Requirements

  • For the Diploma course, normally applicants are required to have completed Year 12 or equivalent and attained IELTS 5.5** 
  • For the Bachelor’s course, normally applicants are required to have completed Year 12 or a Diploma course and attained IELTS 6.5 
  • For the Master’s course, normally applicants are required to have completed a Bachelor’s degree and attained IELTS 6.5

**An English Entry Test might be available – ask us for more information! 

School Recommendations

Diploma Level 

  • TAFE QLD – Diploma of Business   
  • QUT College – Diploma of Business 
  • Griffith College – Diploma of Commerce
  • NIET – Diploma of International Business  

Bachelor’s Level 

  • University of Queensland – Bachelor of Business Management (International Business) 
  • Queensland University of Technology – Bachelor of Business (International Business)
  • Griffith University – Bachelor of Business (International Business) 
  • UNSW – Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) 
  • Torrens University – Bachelor of Business 
  • Kaplan Business School – Bachelor of Business 

Master’s Level 

  • Queensland University of Technology – Master of Business (International Business) 
  • University of Queensland – Master of Business (International Business) 
  • UNSW – Master of Commerce (International Business) 
  • Griffith University – Master of International Business

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