Construction is one of the most important blue-collar industries not only in Australia but also in the world. Carpentry and Cabinet Making are very popular within Australia and the industry is in high demand. Land and property development have been expanding rapidly across Australia, so highly trained, professional carpenters are essential. As for Cabinet Making, it might be unfamiliar to you but like carpenters, cabinet makers are also sought after across Australia. Construction work is often highly paid in Australia and that is why some of the best trade courses are offered here. Moreover, the skills and qualifications gained in Australia are all transferable if you’d rather work overseas.

What does a Carpenter and Cabinet Maker do?

Carpenters construct, erect, install, renovate, and repair structures and fixtures made of wood, plywood, wallboard, and other materials, and cut, shape and fit timber parts to form structures and fittings. Carpenters often work for large construction companies, and it is mainly project-based work at a residential or commercial building site. In contrast, cabinet makers are often hired by furniture companies and work within a factory. Cabinet makers fabricate and repair wooden furniture, and fit and assemble prepared wooden parts to make furniture which is mainly used for the kitchen or bathroom. Cabinet makers are required to show strong attention to detail.

Why study Carpentry/Cabinet Making in Australia?

  1. Hands-on training 

Carpentry and Cabinet making courses are both types of “Trade courses”. They are delivered with both theory and practical units so that students not only learn theoretical aspects but also practise skills to prepare to become a qualified tradesperson.  

  1. Vocational Placement

Many Australian institutions provide at least 360 hours of vocational placement in the program. This means that students will be able to gain practical knowledge and skills as they work on real projects as an apprentice. 

  1. Salary 

According to the website, Indeed, the average salary for a carpenter is AU$88,293 per year, and for a cabinet maker, it is AU$63,385 per year in Australia.  

  1. Graduate Visa 

After completing at least 2 years of Carpentry studies in college or TAFE in Australia, students will be eligible to apply for a 485 Graduate Work Visa, providing they also pass the provisional skills assessment (STEP 1 by the TRA) and meet the English requirements to apply for this visa. 

While you hold a 485 Visa (Graduate Work), you will have time to prepare to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. There are several visa options in the field of carpentry that can lead to Permanent Residency in Australia. 

Career outcomes after graduation

  • Carpenter 
  • Joiner 
  • Cabinet maker 
  • Furniture maker  
  • Builder 

Course Options

1. Carpentry 

  • Certificate III in Carpentry – 2 years 
  • Certificate III in Carpentry + Certificate IV in Building and Construction – 2 years 

2. Cabinet Making 

  • Certificate III in Cabinet Making – 2 years 
  • Certificate III in Cabinet Making + Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology – 2 years  

Carpentry and Cabinet Making courses are delivered by TAFE and private colleges in Australia. 

Entry Requirements

  • Academic requirement – Completion of Year 10  
  • English requirement – IELTS Academic Overall 5.5 with no band less than 5.0 or PTE Academic Overall 42 with no band less than 36  

What units might you study for your course in Australia?


Install flooring systems 

Install exterior cladding 

Construct wall frames 

Construct ceiling frames 

Construct eaves 

Erect roof trusses 

Use explosive power tools  

Calculate costs of construction work  


Cabinet making  

Use furniture making sector hand and power tools  

Construct furniture using leg and rail method 

Assemble furnishing components  

Hand-make timber joints 

Join solid timber  

Produce manual and computer-aided production drawing  

Plan kitchen and bathroom projects 

Set up, operate and maintain sawing/joining/drilling machines  

Expected salary as a Carpenter and Cabinet Maker in Australia

The medium base annual salary for Carpentry is AU$88,293  

The medium base annual salary for Cabinet Making is AU$63,385 

(Statistics from 

School Recommendations


TAFE Queensland 

Holmesglen Institute  

Liberty Construction College 

Everthought College of Construction 

Site Institute 

Spencer Technical College  

Macallan College 


Cabinet making 

TAFE Queensland 

Holmesglen Institute

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