Business Management, which covers most fields in the business industry, has now become a popular study option for international students in Australia. According to research, nearly 70-80% of international students in Australian institutes are studying business-related programs. As Australian qualification are recognized widely, business graduates are also having the widest career options to work in different industries all over the world.

Why study Business Management in Australia?

1. High Rankings 

Based on the most recent QS ranking released this year, Australia has 5 universities ranked in the top 50, and 7 universities in the top 100. Australian universities, especially The Go8 (Australia’s top eight universities), are well-known for their teaching quality, facilities and worldwide recognition. Compared to the harsh competition when applying to the UK and the US, students will normally receive a better outcome if they are interested in studying in Australia. Australian universities, including The Go8, have more relaxed entry requirements, but the career outcome is promising.


2. No background requirements 

Students who wish to do the Business Management major in Australia don’t have to worry if they have no previous qualification or work experience in a related discipline. Australian colleges and universities offer direct entry to people who have no related background. Students will commence their study and training from the fundamental units to advanced units until they fully understand all the necessary skills for their future career.


3. Multiple start dates

Australian universities will normally have 2 or 3 intakes each year which makes it more flexible for international students to commence their program based on their individual situation.


4. Stay in Australia longer

By studying 2 years or more in a higher education business degree, students will be eligible for a 2-4-year Post Study Working Visa. Graduates can utilise these visa opportunities to get more work experience. For some Business Management graduates, they will also have migration opportunities if they can accumulate required work experience after they achieve their qualifications in Australia.

Career outcomes after graduation

As the Business Management degree covers many related majors in this field, graduates can get diverse career outcomes.

  • Human Resource Consultant/Manager
  • Marketing Specialist/Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Corporate Communications Officer
  • Information System Designer/Analyst
  • Workplace Innovation Consultant

Course Options 

  • Diploma of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce/Business management
  • Graduate Certificate in Commerce/Business management
  • Graduate Diploma in Commerce/Business management
  • Master of Commerce/Business management
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Entry Requirements 

  • For a Diploma course, normally applicants are required to have completed Year 12 or equivalent and attained IELTS 5.5
  • For a Bachelor’s course, normally applicants are required to have completed Year 12 or a Diploma and attained IELTS 6.5
  • For a Master’s course, normally applicants are required to have completed a Bachelor’s degree and attained IELTS 6.5.

What courses might you study for your business degree in Australia? 

  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing foundation
  • Business Law
  • Business information system

Professional Accreditation

Depending on the major you select, you might receive recognition from CPA (Certified Public Accountants), the Australian Human Resource Institute, the Australian Marketing Institute, the Economic Society of Australia, etc.

School Recommendations:

Diploma Level: 

  • TAFE Queensland – Diploma of Business/Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • QUT College – Diploma of Business
  • Griffith College – Diploma of Commerce
  • NIET – Diploma of Business/Diploma of Leadership and Management


Bachelor’s Level: 

  • Queensland University of Technology – Bachelor of Business
  • University of Queensland – Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Business Management
  • Griffith University – Bachelor of Business
  • UNSW – Bachelor of Commerce
  • Torrens University – Bachelor of Commerce


Master’s Level 

  • Queensland University of Technology – Master of Business
  • University of Queensland – Master of Commerce/Master of Business
  • UNSW – Master of Commerce
  • Torrens University – Master of Business Administration

Interested in studying Business Management in Australia?

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