5 Tips for International Students to Manage Pressure of Study

Welcome back to our study series. It’s almost the end of the semester and you know what that means? Endless assignments and exams are coming all together.  You might feel pressured, anxious, or even suffer from insomnia. But, hey, don’t worry. It’s OK. A little stress can help boost your performance. All you need to do is to know the tips to help you better deal with it. 


Tip 1. Don’t get distracted.

We all know that staying focused when studying is important, but people get distracted so easily these days. When a Facebook message shows up, people get distracted. When an Instagram feed updates, people get distracted. This will result in the decrease of your study performance and further affect your study plan. When you can’t finish your study as planned, you get stressed. Therefore, it is better to turn off the notification from apps or put your phone away to another place before you begin studying. You may also consider some productive apps that can lock your phone screen in a set period of time to help you concentrate. 


Tip 2. Take a break

Exams are getting closer and closer, and you still have so many materials to read. Time is so precious that you don’t want to waste any second. However, continuous study without rest isn’t as effective as you think. Your brain works better with regular breaks. So, be sure to stop for a while after studying continuously (time slot at your choice). Walk away from the desk, do some stretches, and refresh your brain. If you are unsure about when to take a break, you may consider the tomato timer which is inspired by the Pomodoro Technique to help boost productivity. 


Tip 3. Tea and dark chocolate can help.

Studying consumes a lot of energy, and lack of energy can make you feel tired and stressed easily. A piece of dark chocolate can help revive your energy and reduce the stress. But remember to control your intake. An excess sugar intake may cause countereffects. What’s also worth noting is that some students tend to drink lots of coffee to stay awake, but too much caffeine may lead to heart palpitation and affect your normal sleep. Take some herbal tea instead. A cup of herbal tea not only warms your body but also comforts your mind. The natural ingredients can calm your spirit and aren’t burdensome to your body. 


Tip 4. Exercise

Regular exercise not only helps you stay fit but also benefits your mental wellness. When you are exercising, your brain will release a chemical called endorphin, which has the effect of relaxing your mind and providing energy, further reducing your stress and increasing your performance. Therefore, try building the routine of exercise. If you don’t have much time for exercise during exam period, a short walk of 30 minutes is recommended. Leave your stressful desk and go for a walk. Boost your blood circulation and rest your eyes. You will feel much better after a refreshing walk.  


Tip 5. Ask for help

If you are extremely stressed and do not feel better after some of the tips mentioned above, you might need to seek help from professional parties. Most schools have organisations to help students deal with pressure and stress. Make an appointment and discuss your situation with them. If you are unsure where to go or feel uncomfortable to go, try talk to your friends or school lecturers first. Don’t feel embarrassed and let stress overwhelm you. 


Remember, it is OK and NORMAL to feel stressedYou have to remember that most of the stress you feel is temporarily and will be gone soon.  By applying the tips we provided, you can deal better and ace your exams! 


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